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Every man who goes to the gym dreams of a V-shaped body. No wonder, because this is the silhouette that distinguishes any man from a woman.  This is due to our anatomical features. Specifically, women bear children, so men and women have very different pelvis/shoulders ratio.

 Women usually have wide hips and narrow shoulders (relative to the hips).  In contrast, men have broad shoulders and narrow hips. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be.  Therefore, the wider the shoulders (and they always look such relative to the pelvis), the more athletic a person looks. It doesn’t matter man or woman. But when broad shoulders aren’t an advantage for a woman. Rather the opposite (the woman will look masculine).  If you’re a man, BROAD SHOULDERS and a V-shaped body symbolize victory in natural selection.  The more masculine a man, the more he stands out among other men and the better his chance with women. There’s room for black marketing of course. I intentionally oversimplify so that we don’t go deep into the ethology and evolutionary biology of man.   Either way, you and I want broad shoulders, so what’s highly important for us?  Right.  Exercises for building big shoulders.