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We all want to know the secrets allowing us to achieve more than others. I love human vanity, I’m a human myself.  That’s one of my most favorite vices, because it provides motivation to achieve any goals.  Today I decided to use your desire to know the secrets of strength training. And while the word ‘secrets’ is not quite ideal for what I’m about to tell you today, you’ll still learn some very rare secrets.   Do you want to your muscles to give a much better result than usual? There is a special technique that allows you to activate the strength potential of your muscles before the set by about 10-30%.  Today I decided to tell you about this technique and its versions. 





Our muscles, like girls on a date, can do more than they show. And although everyone wants to get more from them, only a few manage. Ha-ha. 

Why do muscles provide much less power than they can? They do that for security purposes and in order to keep a reserve for emergency situations.  Evolutionarily, it became profitable to have a certain strength and power reserve.  Using this reserve puts a dangerous burden on many other body systems, so it is detrimental on an ongoing basis. BUT when there is a NEED, these reserves can save an individual’s life.