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Hey, lads.  Let’s talk about HERCULES TRAINING today.   I watched the trailer of the “HERCULES” movie with Duane Johnson in the lead role once again and could not but admire the superb form that he was able to reach in order to star in this movie.   Boy Dwayne, aka “The Rock”, has a good chance of getting ahead of the Austrian boy Arnold Schwarzenegger aka “The Austrian Oak” at this rate. 

I’m often asked how Dwayne Johnson trains and eats in order to demonstrate such physique in his films.  He’s very muscular, but not too muscular, like modern top professional bodybuilders.  He looks athletic and lean.  In general, that’s what most men want to look like.  But in “Hercules”, old Dwayne decided to excel himself.  Realizing that he would have to play one of the most athletic and strongest characters in the world’s history, Dwayne made every effort to match him as much as possible.  In general, realizing that the issue of Dwayne Johnson’s training worries a lot of people, I decided to tell more about HERCULES training.  And more than that... Not just to tell, but to show how it happens.