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We often strive to be like our heroes.  Arnold Schwarzenegger can be treated differently, but even the most bitter sceptic admits that old Arnie got more from BODYBUILDING than bodybuilding got from him. 

Almost half a century has passed since Schwarzenegger’s rise in bodybuilding, and many still admire his physique and want to be more like Arnold rather than Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman.  Why? Because his physique was aesthetic.  Sufficiently big and well-worked.   He was seen as an athlete, not a monster, as in modern bodybuilding.  This is what has attracted and continues to attract attention to the methods of training used by ARNOLD, despite the fact that they have aged by half a century.  And today I will try to tell you how Schwarzenegger’s training and his views on training changed over time. 

What training programs did he start on?  What did he change in them over time. And what he thought were the best at the peak of his athletic career.