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Before preparing this material, I invited my readers to ask the most exciting questions about KETO DIET.  In this way, I have found that what people are most concerned about is the practical aspects (food list, rules, loading) and health hazards (brain, loss of consciousness, organs) that keto diets can cause.  In general, such a survey gives me hope that today’s issue will not only be interesting, but also very practical.  You’ll learn a lot about how to get rid of subcutaneous fat. 

Many people know that if you avoid eating sweets or complex carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, pasta, bread, potatoes), the body weight is usually reduced by a couple of kilos.  In fact, such restrictions on carbohydrate intake mean low-carbon DIET.   It works very well because it creates a DEFICIT of energy in the body, which is covered by the body’s RESERVES (subcutaneous fat).  That’s why people often lose weight when they reduce carbs in their diet.  Well, what happens if you take ALL carbs out of your diet? Will it be even more effective in terms of fat burning? Answer: YES.  Such diet was very popular in the golden era of bodybuilding (it was promoted by Vince Gironda). It’s called KETO DIET.