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For those guys who have been training for more than a year, there are several special techniques and methods to increase the intensity of load and energy consumption while working in the gym. For beginners, all these techniques are as good as a sick headache, because their muscles and body have not yet adapted to the usual techniques. But advanced athletes often need to look for non-standard ways to increase intensity. There are so many ways to do this. Today we will consider one of the most popular techniques called SUPERSETS! 

First of all, I want to remind you of the important fact that the growth of our muscles is nothing more than an ADAPTATION to the changed environment. In other words, the intensity of environmental impact has changed since you started going to the gym and your muscles have to adapt to these changes by increasing strength and size. It's all a theory. But understanding this theory can give us some useful muscle growth moments. Above all, we see that the intensity of the environmental impact (intensity of training) must increase if we want the muscles to grow with it. If the intensity does not increase, the muscles will not increase either, because our body is a terrible miser who will never spend energy and resources on something that is not necessary.