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So, today I want to talk about the pectoral muscle training. Given the fact that I recently launched a closed forum and wrote a whole training manual on pectoral muscles and its development, the release of such material suggested itself. This topic is very popular, because all young "Arnolds" are primarily interested in pecs and biceps.  In some ways, these are bodybuilders' hallmarks.  If you ask me what's more important among these two muscles, I'll say it categorically: CHEST! Why?



Because when an athlete undresses (on a beach, for example), the chest lagging creates a more depressing impression than the biceps lagging.  Because pectoral muscles are big and biceps are small.  Accordingly, the arm lagging against the background of the muscular body is not as eye-catching as the body muscles lagging against the over-built arms. I'd even say that in the second case, it looks ugly.  But the over-built pectoral muscle looks very athletic anyway.  Big pecs immediately attract attention, giving a more holistic picture of the human appearance.