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Hey, fellows.  Today I represent a very practical article.  Today we’ll try to figure out once and for all how to build the forearms in the best way.  And although these muscles are not of high priority due to their small size, they are most often visible during the year.  That's why we don't want to leave them flaccid.  
How do we structure the studying?  First of all, I will give you a short theoretical overview of how our forearms are arranged in terms of anatomy.  This must be done in order to understand what exercises are suitable for us to train them.  Okay, let's get started...


FOREARM is the part of the bodybuilder arm, which is located between the elbow and the wrist.  The feature of the forearm is that it consists of a huge number of small and medium muscles.  The nature has made us this way in the process of evolution to make it easier for us to manipulate the surrounding objects.    After all, this requires a very variable forearm mobility, which can only be achieved by a variety of muscles performing these movements. 

I personally divide the MOVEMENTS, performed by the forearm muscles, into FIVE large categories: