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During a workout, the muscles between the approaches are not sitting idle. Better to rest actively. Make stretching of the muscles, the work or simulate exercise without weight for developing technology implementation. You can walk. You can stretch your hands working muscles. One goal - to make the stay more productive.

During a workout bodybuilding follow two rules.

1.Do not be distracted by the small stuff.

2.All other than bodybuilding workout - nonsense. Such a great mental attitude will help you tune into a good workout muscles.

 Paced exercise

Temp Exercise during a workout bodybuilding should be average. Lifting weight (positive phase) should be faster lowering (negative phase). If the first usually lasts about 2-seconds, then lowering takes 3-4 seconds. Exhale on the effort to do (positive phase). When lowering the weight slowly dial the air through the nostrils. Do not reduce the amplitude of the exercises during a workout the muscles and help yourself "spurts" of the whole body (not cheating). Better to reduce the weight, but do technically. Proper technique does not like hurrying. 

The value of positive failure

It is important to reach failure during training muscles. Ie making approach, you should be sure that the latest iteration has been done in the last aisle of your strength. If you do not have that confidence, then you are cheating yourself and you need to increase the weight. Remember the basic principle of any bodybuilding workout. On the principle of overload. You can often hear the excuse that I am engaged in fitness ... So, it's not fitness, self-satisfaction and self-conceit. For any kind of activity should be the ultimate goal. Including fitness. And if the goal - to go to the gym just for that then all shout a great athlete you - well, good riddance. 

Between each record in a diary the weight and number of repetitions that you are able to master. Compare with previous training of muscles, previous achievements and tune to overcome them. Do not worry if your working weight is negligible. Think about what you are systematic and planned. With such persistence you will quickly catch up and surpass all the local favorites that are used to train even with large weights, but unchanged for many years. And your accomplishments grow, and grow. In general, this is a question your belief in yourself and the desire to progress.



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