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Hi friends, we’ve already defined the AMOUNT of protein required for muscle growth in the previous sports issue. As I promised, now let’s talk about the QUALITY of this protein.  I think it’s no secret to you that not every protein is equally useful for growing muscles.  Something is better, and something worse.  There are proteins that are better not to use.  Different sources of protein have not only different effectiveness in terms of muscle growth, but also a different .... price.  Therefore, it is very important to find the balance of quality and price of the food you use every day.  So, we’ll dig right into the matter today.


When we talk about the quality of the food that we eat, first of all, we should consider PROTEINS, not CARBOHYDRATES or FATS, for one simple reason: PROTEINS ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE NUTRIENT IN YOUR DIET.  Just think of the cost of a box of pasta or buckwheat versus the cost of meat, fish, eggs and other animal proteins. The price factor is very important, you know the economic situation in our territories.  Not every family can afford to cook meat soup. Much less everything else.  By the way, this is one of the reasons why Western bodybuilders are successful versus domestic ones.  Western bodybuilders simply have more economic opportunities to eat the right food in sufficient quantities.