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Today we’ll talk about stabilizer muscles.  These are the muscles that are responsible for the equilibrium position of the parts of our body relative to each other during the exercise. Some believe these muscles should be intentionally exercised, some think that it’s unnecessary.  Admittedly, stabilizer muscles have a great impact on your strength and technique.  Let’s try to figure it out.




There are a huge number of different muscles in our body, that can be divided into two types:  MOVERS AND STABILIZERS.

MOVERS are muscles that perform basic muscular work during power exercises.   That is, they’re the ones that MOVE skeletal parts relative to each other.   For example, when bench pressing, you move the humerus relative to the sternum (chest).  This MOVE is mainly performed by PECTORAL muscles, TRICEPS and the anterior DELTS.   All of them will be movers. 

STABILIZERS are muscles that fix (STABILIZE) the skeletal parts’ position relative to each other, but are not involved in movement.